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Ready to join the FCBOR?

1. Fill out the application found here (please only press submit once): 

2. Watch your email for a message from the Association Executive.

  • It will have a subject line of "Welcome to FCBOR"

  • This email contains very important information regarding your membership!

3.  In the email you will see a link to pay your dues.  This needs to be done within 30 days of receiving your Real Estate license. 

4.  Once you have paid your dues, the Association Executive will send your information to CARMLS. 

  • Do not call CARMLS and try to do this step on your own.  They must receive notification from Candi.

5. You will need to attend New Member Orientation.

  • Please return the New Member Orientation Form (found in the initial email) with your signature and your broker's signature.

  • This class is held every other month.  You must attend one of the next 2 classes to complete your membership.  If you miss both opportunities, you will be turned to inactive status until a class is complete.

6. Welcome to our Realtor® Family!  We hope to see you at our next board luncheon!

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